DENTAL-CALL Wireless Communication System

DENTA-CALL is a wireless communications system designed to be a discreet and reliable form of communication at your fingertips. The convenience of having a message station in each work area will keep staff movement and interruptions to a minimum, save time and create a more enjoyable and professional atmosphere. Messages can be sent, received and canceled at any station. Meets the requirements of any size practice, from a single doctor’s office to a group practice and is readily expandable for the growing practice.


  • 8 button or 16 button stations conveniently mount on walls and cabinets using minimum space
  • Membrane switches and LED lights provide a flat and chemical resistant surface for optimal infection control
  • LED lights are not affected by overhead lighting and can be seen from any angle
  • Available in
    • 8 Button Surface Mount (821qq20)
    • 8 Button Flush Mount (821qq21)
    • 16 Button Surface Mount (821qq22)
    • 16 Button Flush Mount (821qq23)
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