9078 LED Light

  • Designer Friendly- nine powder coat paint colors, chrome yoke accents
  • Affordable Excellence – extra attention to detail, from tight tolerances between parts, to durable finishes and metal in place of plastic where possible
  • Exclusive chromed billet aluminum arm end caps
  • Third access of rotation; can be positioned over the shoulder
  • Ten 1-watt LED lamps create light pattern with feathered edges, reducing eye fatigue
  • Temperature adjustmen¬t ranges from 4200 to 6000°K, brightness foot-candles can be adjusted from 8000 to 35000 lux.
  • Approximately 75 percent less power consumption than halogen lights eliminating heat output
  • Optional Anti-polymerization light shield reduces the peak-emission range of the light spectrum to avoid composite activation
  • Available Mounts: Unit/Post, Ceiling, Track, Wall and Cabinet
  • Pictured: 9078 (pewter powder coat paint)
  • Item #: i840fo0001

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