Digital Newport Flowmeter System 4-Cylinder

  • Enclosed design makes it a userfriendly portable system that can easily be moved from operatory to operatory
  • Automatic Calibration – Adjust total flow while gas ratio remains constant, adjust gas ratio and total flow remains constant
  • Safety Assurance - N2O ratio control assures minimum 30% Oxygen total flow. Audible and visual LED alarms provide immediate notification of low Oxygen supply
  • Dual Readouts - Digital and electronic gas flow displays with colour-coded fingertip controls
  • Height allows it to be stored under counter; if not stored under a counter, its flat top can be used as additional counter space
  • Contains:
    • Enclosed Digital Newport Flowmeter
    • 4-Cylinder Portable System
    • Scavenging Circuit II
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 19 ¼" x 31 ¾" x 24"
  • Item #: i803qq24

    Accutron #: 51000

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