Cavitron Jet Plus Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher

  • Combination ultrasonic scaler and air polishing unit
  • 30K Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Technology
  • Tap-On Technology activates/ deactivates scaling or air polishing with a single tap on the foot pedal. This allows the foot to rest during procedure to reduce leg strain
  • Prophy mod auto cycles between air polish and rinse function eliminate the need to press the foot pedal
  • Wireless cone-shaped foot pedal with 360° activation
  • Detachable and autoclavable JET-Mate handpiece swivel 330° at the back of the handpiece to reduce cable drag and minimize hand fatigue
  • Finger water control for more precise and thorough lavage
  • Turbo mode provides up to 25% more power to allow quick removal of calculus
  • Available in:
    • Unit Only (8187501)
    • Complete Package (8161428)
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