Form Wash (1st Generation)

  • Form Wash is automated IPA (isopropyl alcohol) washing system of parts after 3D printing
  • Parts can be transferred glove-free from 3D printer to Form Wash by keeping them directly on the build platform
  • Magnetically coupled impeller agitates IPA around parts, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean
  • Automated wash cycle allows to set the wash time and to lift parts automatically out of IPA for air drying, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints
  • Approximate wash time is 15 minutes, when using fresh IPA
  • Wash bucket holds up to 8.6 L of IPA, enough for washing around 70 prints in regular use
  • Item #: i879fl04

    Formlabs Inc. #: FH-WA-01

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