Form Wash (2nd Generation)

Form Wash automatically cleans printed parts thoroughly and efficiently with IPA or alternative solvents. Keep parts directly on the Build Platform as you transition them from the printer to Form Wash, or remove parts and place them in the wash basket. Parts are precisely and thoroughly agitated in solvent with an impeller, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean, automatically for the appropriate time. When washing completes, the Form Wash automatically raises parts out of the IPA so they can air dry.

  • Adaptable to Build Platforms : Seamlessly switch between build platforms with adjustable platform mounts, configurable at various heights and widths.
  • Improved Agitation : Select your material from a list and let Form Wash auto-clean your parts for the appropriate time thoroughly with 3x more agitation than the previous generation.
  • Flexible Solvent Volume: Tailor the solvent volume to the size and quantity of your parts. Use lower solvent quantities for smaller parts and builds to increase resource efficiency.
  • Compatible with Variety of Solvents : Our recommendation is using IPA for the best cleaning performance, but alternative solvents such as TPM are also compatible with Form Wash
  • Set it and forget it: Simply set the appropriate time and let Form Wash get to work.
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