Pro 95S 3D Printer

The Pro S 3D printer is designed to improve the productivity of your practice.

  • User Friendly - Pro S is simple to learn and easy to teach thanks to its user-friendly design.
  • Unmatched Versatility - Customize your Pro S experience to optimize for restorative, small-batch printing or maximum total throughput.
  • Onboard Intelligence - Pro S combines smart sensors with workflow context to make sure your 3D printing workflow operates efficiently. On-screen prompt and instructions help you and your staff keep it running optimally.
  • Class Leading Accuracy – Improvements to factory calibration and a new glass projector lens improve accuracy and repeatability. Your patients won’t believe how well their appliances fit.
  • Leading Accuracy - Digital dentistry demands tight tolerances and smooth margins. Pro S is our most accurate 3D printer yet.
  • Faster Than Ever - Our fastest 3D printer keeps getting faster. Optimizations to curing profiles deliver even more smiles per hour.
  • Consumables Manager – Advanced RFID technology embedded in the resin tank allows Pro S to track its lifetime. On-screen prompts let you know when it’s time to reorder for zero downtime.
  • Pro 95S – Max Throughput Comprehensive Dental 3D Printer. Ideal for fabrication of:
    • Models for Clear Aligners
    • Occlusal Guards
    • Study Models
    • Denture Bases
    • Surgical Guides
    • Try-in Dentures
    • Wax-up Models
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