CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid Unit

  • A non-invasive caries detection aid that helps eliminate the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay and enhances case acceptance through better patient education
  • Detects caries, plaque and calculus using fluorescence technology
  • 4 Violet LEDs stimulate metabolic products of carinogenic bacteria resulting in red glow of the affected area while healthy enamel glows green
  • Caries and plaque filters in the imaging software aid detecting severity of caries using color scale and numeric evaluation
  • 8 mm spacer allows reliable documentation for monitoring progress of caries
  • Steady and sharp images are taken using capture-upon-release feature
  • Short vibration confirms when the image has been captured
  • Capture buttons on both sides of the handpiece allow comfortably taking images of the maxillary and mandibular arches
  • Detects decay hidden between the margins of existing composite and amalgam restorations
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    Air Techniques #: J2300

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