Veraview IC5 HD Digital Pan

Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, class-leading clarity, and low dose. Depending on the diagnostic need, this unit offers a 5.5 second panoramic for a quick examination at the lowest dose, or a 10 second scan for a more detailed, high resolution image.

  • 10 second panoramic for exceptional detail & clarity
  • High speed 5.5 second panoramic
  • Low dose
  • Fully automatic, simplified operation
  • Digital Direct Auto Exposure provides real-time adjustment of exposure levels
  • Pediatric function offers 4.8 second panoramic with further reduced dose
  • Compact, lightweight & energy efficient
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The 10 second panoramic scan captures an even higher resolution image with a 25% reduction in pixel size at just 1/6* effective dose.

Digital Direct Auto Exposure (DDAE) and Auto Image Enhancer (AIE) fine tune the imaging process for the best possible quality. DDAE automatically sets kV and mA and provides continuous, real-time adjustment of the parameters throughout the pass to compensate for varying densities. AIE, a software function, regulates the brightness level of detailed areas in the scan. These programs perform a logarithmic conversion to produce images of exceptional clarity and detail.

This unit is compact and lightweight. It offers fully automatic, simplified operation, CCD sensor technology, triple laser beams for easy positioning, and improved energy savings of up to 50%. Excellent for pediatric dentistry, it features a 4.8 second panoramic with further reduced dose. *Compared with the Veraviewepocs/film, normal speed radiographic mode.


Fully Automatic, Simplified Operation

Simply select the desired program: Panoramic, TMJ, or Pedo. No parameter setting is required.

 Easy to use control panel


High Definition

Pixel size is reduced by 25% compared with the former model so it produces superior images of a higher resolution and clarity.

High Definition: 10 second exposure, 96 µm


Lightweight, Compact Design

Unit Dimensions
35" X 38-1/4" X 92-1/2" (890 X 970 X 2,350 mm)

Veraview IC5 HD Digital Pan Brochure
Veraview IC5 HD Digital Pan Brochure