EzSensor HD Sensor

  • Experience the highest resolution
  • Vatech quality and design
  • New contrast filters for your perfect image
  • Direct interface with USB 3.0
  • Available in 3 sizes: 1 (873ew21), 1.5 (873ew23), 2 (873ew22)
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The HD Sensor is clinically usable at a wide range of exposure settings and is more consistent than all of the other sensors in the market. Practitioners benefit from a reduction of time consuming and exposure-related retakes. Also, patients benefit from the reduction of radiation exposure. With Vatech's high sensitivity sensor, you can capture diagnosable images under any condition, even when using an old X-ray source.





EzSensor HD Specifications
Detector Structure CMOS
Pixel Size 14.9 um>
Theoretical Resolution 33.78 lp/mm
Dynamic Range 12 bit
Active Area (WxL) Size 1.0 : 20X30 mm
Size 1.5 : 24X33 mm
Size 2.0 : 26X36 mm
Dimensions (WxLxT) Size 1.0 : 25.4X36.8 mm (1.00"X1.45")
Size 1.5 : 29.2X39.5 mm (1.14"X1.55")
Size 2.0 : 31.3X42.9 mm (1.23"X1.69")
Thickness 4.8 mm (0.19")
Cable Length 2.7 m