Titanium Digital X-Ray Sensor

  • Better image quality and confidence in diagnosis achieved by CleanCapture Process, which starts with removing “noise”, then capturing high-resolution data and finally cleaning and concentrating this data before reaching the software
  • Expanded dynamic range offers remarkable image clarity with low doses
  • SMART technology allows software to capture images through sensor motion-activation feature without touching your computer resulting in workflow efficiency
  • Perfect Size sensor and True Comfort design allow use of a single sensor for taking vertical, horizontal and periapical exposures while maximizing patient comfort
  • WiseAngle cable exit eases sensor positioning in patient’s mount and allows cable flexibility by reducing stress on the connection
  • Direct USB 3.0 connectivity provides reliable portability
  • Durable housing and cable design prolongs cable and sensor life
  • Offers remote sensor diagnosis and troubleshooting resulting in quick and comprehensive customer support


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