Impression & Model Scanners 

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Sinclair Dental offers two distinct Straumann scanners to meet varied needs of clinics and laboratories, based on proven and reliable laser triangulation scanning technology, with three to five axis of movement. They have on-board computer with 64-bit processor, dedicated graphic card and 8 GB memory. Superior resolution is achieved by using high-speed cameras with reduced field of view.

Benefits of going digital:

  • Plug and play installation and ease of use
  • High scanning accuracy
  • Extensive range of scanning applications, including full arch, wax-ups, implant locators, occlusions, opposing teeth, triple tray impressions, onlay, inlay and veneer cases
  • Integrated scan and design workflow, and easy clinic-lab communication with CARES software
  • Freedom for the fabrication options, as Straumann systems generate STL files, a standard non-proprietary format (open architecture)