A 2-in-1 solution: it’s an Intraoral Camera and a Caries Detection Device!

Available in: USB version or Integrated into A-dec delivery units

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Diagnosis Aid Mode

  • Diagnosis mode focuses more on the enamel structure
  • Greater accuracy in identifying, evaluating and determining the location of a carious lesion with image magnification of 115x
  • Variations in the amelodentinal architecture results in visible colour changes to the tooth’s image
  • The speed of diagnosis and proposing a treatment protocol is greatly increased
  • The fluorescent imagery surpasses the limits of digital radiography in the detection of lesions in hard tissues


Treatment Aid Mode

  • Treatment aid mode focuses more on the dentinal structure
  • Clearly shows the differences between healthy and diseased tissue


Daylight Aid Mode

  • White light mode allows a specific observation of the structures surrounding the tooth such a the periodontium
  • Blue light focuses on the tissue of the tooth
  • Easily shift from one mode to the other
  • Large depth of field from portrait to macro vision