ICX Waterline 2L Treatment Tablets (50)

The effervescing ICX formula does the work for you, preventing the accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria. Simply add one tablet to an empty self-contained water bottle before each filling. ICX continues working in the system with each treatment, protecting the waterlines from further contamination and reducing the need for frequent shock treatments.

  • Maintains dental unit waterline effluent ≤ 10 CFU/mL
  • Eliminates odor and foul-tasting bacteria
  • Reduces buildup of deposits
  • Continuously present in water as a preventive, proactive solution
  • Remains active in water up to two weeks during periods of equipment nonuse
  • Eliminates the need to purge waterlines at night
  • Compatible for use with restorative bonding materials
  • Gentle on your dental equipment
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