Metcalfe Family Dental Centre


The idea of building a new dental clinic had been at the back of our minds for several years. As each year passed and we steadily outgrew our present surroundings, we finally decided to ‘take the leap’. We wanted an office that better represented us as a team – one that would showcase the quality of service we provide our patients.  

There was no question about where we would go. Sinclair Dental was our first choice. The Sinclair team helped us coordinate all of our plans. They were instrumental in every aspect of our build, from the initial design to the equipment choices. They even helped with staff training.  

We cannot thank Sinclair enough for going above and beyond our expectations. Their team’s commitment to this project was unequalled. The setup of our new office – in appearance and improved workflow – has re-invigorated our staff. And when the first thing our patients say is "Wow", I think we can confidently say it’s a great success.


Dr Chev Harris & Dr Karen Fung-Harris

Metcalfe Family Dental Centre






1. Waiting Area

2. Refreshments

3. Children’s Area

4. Reception

5. Lab

6-13. Operatories

14. Digital Imaging

15. Sterilization Area

16. Consultation Room

17. Storage/Supply

18. Lockers/Change Area

19. Washroom

20. Office

21. Washroom

22-23. Offices

24. Washroom


Like what you see above? Sinclair Dental's design team is here to help.

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