Braganza Periodontics


The idea of building a new dental clinic had been my plan for several years. After finally finding the ideal location, the decision to move, expand and upgrade the dental office was relatively easy. I needed help with regards to office re-design. I could not have done it without the Sinclair Dental design team who were instrumental in designing ergodynamic operatories for my colleagues and myself. I wanted an office that better represented us as a team – one that would showcase the quality of service provided to our patients.

My office has a long history of working with Sinclair Dental so it was the first choice. The Sinclair Dental team helped us coordinate all of our plans. They were instrumental in every aspect of our build, from the initial design to the equipment choices, and even to help with staff training. Their team’s commitment to this project was unequaled. The setup of the new office – in appearance and improved workflow – has re-invigorated everyone. When the first thing our patients say is “Wow”, I think we can confidently say it’s a great success. Thank you Sinclair Dental!


Dr. Annabel Braganza

Braganza Periodontics



1. Entrance

2. Waiting Room

3. Reception

4. Consultation Room

5. Washroom

6-10. Operatory

11. Sterilization

12. Washroom

13. Office

14. Lab

15. Washroom

16. Staff Room

17-18. Storage

19. Digital Imaging 



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