MacLellan Oral Surgery & Dental Implants


Sinclair Dental has an exceptional group of talented individuals who guided me through the process of designing, building, and equipping a new oral surgery office. Their involvement and helpfulness throughout the project far exceeded my expectations. I am not sure how I could have done it without their knowledge and expertise. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you to the Sinclair Dental team.


Dr. Darcy MacLellan

MacLellan Oral Surgery & Dental Implants



1. Entrance

2. Reception

3. Waiting Room

4. Washroom

5. Consultation Room

6. Digital Imaging

7-9. Operatories

10. Sterilization

11-13. Storage

14. Office

15. Staff Room

16. Washroom

17. Office

18. Laundry 

19. Utility Room



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