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As a first-time dental clinic owner, I appreciated that Sinclair Dental walked me through each step of the process in an organized and thorough manner. The information was presented at a comfortable pace which allowed me to make informed decisions that I am very satisfied with, while also still being able to open my fully functional clinic on time.

I had a truly exceptional experience with Sinclair Dental during this otherwise stressful time and would not hesitate to recommend them for their transparent communication, coordination and professionalism.


Dr. Abhishek Batra
Calgary Smiles Children's Dental Specialists

Calgary Smiles - Operatories

Calgary Smiles - Operatory

Calgary Smiles - Hand Washing Station

Calgary Smiles - Hall



1. Entrance

2. Reception

3. Waiting Room

4. Washroom

5. Operatory

6. Office

7. Mechanical Room

8. Staff Room

9. Washroom

10. Laundry

11. Storage

12. Sterilization

13. Digital Imaging

14. Office

15. Consultation Desk

16-18. Operatories



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