Villa-Espace Paro


For the past 10 years, Sinclair Dental has been supporting us in our practice. As a growing business, when we decided to relocate our clinic and expand it to 27 operating rooms, there was no doubt that Sinclair Dental would help us design the space to the highest standards in the field. From technical drawings to follow-ups and installation, everything went very smoothly. Our trust in Sinclair Dental has been greatly strengthened, and we maintain a wonderful business relationship.

A huge thank you to the team who helped us realize our dream of building a specialized periodontics and implantology reference center.


Dr. Simon Lafrenière
Villa-Espace Paro

Villa-Espace Paro - Waiting Room

Villa-Espace Paro - Reception

Villa-Espace Paro - Sterilization

Villa-Espace Paro - Operatory



1. Entrance

2. Reception

3. Waiting Room

4-6. Washrooms

7. Office

8. Pay Desks

9-10. Offices

11. Staff Lockers

12-13. Staff Rooms

14-15. Offices

16-23. Operatories

24. Consultation Room

25. Doctors' Lounge

26. Operatory

27. Washroom

28. Consultation Room

29-36. Operatories

37. Office

38. Operatory

39. Seminar Room

40. Events Room

41. Washrooms

42-44. Storage Rooms

45. Conference Room

46. Operatory

47. Washroom

48-49. Offices

50. Digital Imaging

51-52. Operatories

53. Office

54. Washroom

55. Sterilization

56. Lab

57. Office

58. Operatory

59. Digital Imaging

60-61. Operatories

62. Office

63. Washroom

64-65. Offices/Storage

66-68. Operatories



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