Evergreen Dental Centre


As dentists, we can appreciate the time and dedication we put towards the care of our patients. Sinclair Dental made sure every detail in the planning, constructing and implementation had the same dedication as we would like in our practice.

The investment in our clinic with Sinclair Dental was well worth it!


Dr. Brett Luschinski
Evergreen Dental Centre

Evergreen Dental Centre - Reception

Evergreen Dental Centre - Waiting Room

Evergreen Dental Centre - Operatory

Evergreen Dental Centre - Hall



1. Entrance

2. Waiting Room

3. Reception

4. Office

5. Washroom

6. Staff Room

7-13. Operatories

14. Consultation Room

15-19. Operatories

20. Office

21. Pay Desk

22. Washroom

23. Ditigal Imaging

24. Lab

25. Sterilization

26. Office

27. Washroom



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