Centre de parodontie et d'implantologie de Québec


Upon taking charge of the project, Sinclair Dental advised us well on the purchase of our equipment and furniture. 

Each key employee of Sinclair Dental supported us very well throughout the process. We are extremely pleased with the result of our clinic and greatly appreciate that deadlines and budget were both met. 

Sinclair Dental ensured our complete satisfaction with its turnkey service.


Dr. Bélanger, Dr. Villeneuve & Dr. Lafrenière,

Centre de parodontie et d’implantologie de Québec



Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 01

Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 02

Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 03

Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 04

Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 05

Centre-de-Parondontie-Landscape - 06



1. Waiting Area

2. Reception

3. Kitchen

4. Private Office

5. Consultation Area

6-14. Operatories

15. Administration Area

16. Storage Area

17. Staff Area

18. Consultation Area

19. Filing Area

20. Radiology

21. Pan/3D Imaging Area

22. Sterilization Area

23. Mechanical Area

24-25. Private Offices


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