Dr. Luc Ducharme & Associates


After over 20 years of working with another dental supply company, I made the decision to work with Sinclair Dental on my new project. I chose to work with Sinclair as I have been very well taken care of by my service technician who has been with them for over a decade. He then introduced me to the rest of the phenomenal Sinclair team, who worked day and night for months to help me achieve my dream dental office. Not only is Sinclair Dental a Canadian-based company, but I also found that their vision and values aligned with mine. I chose them because they are extremely professional, reliable, helpful, friendly, supportive, and honourable. I wholeheartedly was not expecting the royal treatment and hand holding I received from them. If I live long enough to build another clinic, with no doubt I would choose Sinclair Dental. Thank you Sinclair Dental for your unmatched care, service, and support.


Dr. Luc Ducharme
Dr. Luc Ducharme & Associates



1. Entrance

2. Reception

3. Waiting Room

4. Office

5. Washroom

6. Digital Imaging

7-9. Operatories

10. Staff Room

11. IT Server Room

12. Storage Room

13. Mechanical Room

14. Washroom

15. Sterilization

16. Washroom

17. Office

18-20. Operatories

21. Office

22. Lab

23-26. Operatories

27. Office

28. Washroom

Dr. Luc Ducharme & Associates – Floor Plan


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