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My vision for building a beautiful clinic was guided by my desire to create a space that evoked a particular feeling. I wanted to offer patients a dental experience that was unique and reminiscent of a different era – but in a modern, appealing and memorable space.

I took my vision to Sinclair Dental. My choice was based on their expert knowledge and reputation for professional on-going support. The design team at Sinclair knew exactly how to create a modern space that integrated the design concept, dental equipment, lighting, furniture and art pieces I had chosen. They produced a perfect blend of function and aesthetics.

The Sinclair team was particularly creative in overcoming some design challenges unique to the space. They expertly designed my clinic to highlight the generous use of glass, stunning views, and raw layout of the penthouse. I am very satisfied with the finished product as they were able to articulate my vision and transform it into reality.


Dr. Daniel Kim

Mission Creek Dental



Mission-Creek-Dental-Landscape - 01

Mission-Creek-Dental-Landscape - 02

Mission-Creek-Dental-Landscape - 04

Mission-Creek-Dental-Landscape - 03

Mission-Creek-Dental-Landscape - 05



1. Reception

2. Waiting Area

3. Washroom

4-6. Operatories

7. Sterilization Area

8. Lab

9. Utility Room

10. Staff Room

11. Office

12. Washroom

13-15. Operatories

16. Digital Imaging

17-18. Offices

20. Kid's Area

21. Waiting Area


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