Polo Park


Our practice has a long outstanding relationship with Sinclair Dental. In addition to providing us with our dental supplies, they were also involved with the expansion of our clinic 10 years ago. So it was only natural for us to rely on their expertise when faced with the construction of a new state-of-the-art dental practice.

The process of converting an empty shell to a fully operational, 8,800 sq. ft. clinic took only 5 months. Sinclair Dental’s design team took the vision we had and turned it into reality. Sinclair’s Winnipeg team worked tirelessly with all of our contractors to keep the project on track and ensured a smooth transition to our new facility.

In total, the move from our old clinic only took 3 days, a feat that we could not have achieved without the team at Sinclair. We are extremely proud of the clinic and very happy that we had all the help and expertise. Thanks again to Sinclair Dental!


Dr. H. Frankel, Dr. L. Lau, Dr. R. Lau, Dr. R. Minuk, Dr. B. Weinstein. 

Polo Park



Polo Park Landscape - 01

Polo Park Landscape - 02

Polo Park Landscape - 03

Polo Park Landscape - 04

Polo Park Portrait - 01



1-2. Waiting Area

3. Kid's Area

4. Reception

5. Filing Area

6. Office Manager

7. Call Centre

8. Board Room

9. Staff Room

10-12. Doctor's Private Offices

13-14. Administration Offices

15. Doctor's Office

16-32. Operatories

33. Pre-Authorization

34. Lab

35. Sterilization Area

36. Panoramic X-Ray Area

37. Consultation Room

38. Payment Area


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