Santé Dentaire Globale


We are proud to have been part of the creation process with Sinclair Dental and would like to take a moment to share our appreciation towards the colossal work of Sinclair’s team. Aside from Sinclair’s attentiveness and availability, we were pleased by how quickly they reacted to the unexpected surprises experienced during the construction phase. Sinclair Dental made the job easier for us by organizing the layouts, the accessibility for the designers, and the construction estimates.

They are open communicators and know how to make a customer feel comfortable during the decision-making process in spite of the stress caused by a new construction.

We can say that the atmosphere of our office reflects our philosophy of being passionate about our profession. Our patients can feel it when they step into our new clinic, making them wonder if they are really at the dentist!


Dr. Emilie Bilodeau & Dr. Quynh-Anh Pham

Santé Dentaire Globale


Santé Dentaire Globale

Santé Dentaire Globale

Santé Dentaire Globale

Santé Dentaire Globale

Santé Dentaire Globale



1. Reception

2. Waiting Area

3. Sterilization Area

4. Consultation Room

5. Conference Room

6-9. Operatories

10. Office

11. Operatory

12. Lab

13. Office

14. Staff Room

15-19. Operatories

20-21. Washrooms

22. Digital Imaging

Sante Dentaire Globale Floor Plan


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