Stony Plain Dental Centre


Choosing Sinclair Dental for our project was a no-brainer as their commitment to us and our clinic was evident from the moment of inception. The Sinclair team was insightful, creative, detail oriented and open with not only us but trades and contractors. This open communication made any changes, whether large or minute, seamless and efficient. Sinclair's superior knowledge starting from the dimensions of the operating chairs to knowing the little things was critical in the prep work before concrete was poured.

With this knowledge we were able to design the mechanical room to adjust for future expansion. At the end of the project our clinic was beautifully designed, well equipped, and with Sinclair's tech on hand to address any unforeseen issues that may have arisen. Thank you Sinclair Dental for your outstanding support.


Dr. Zahra Gangji

Stony Plain Dental Centre


Stony Plain Dental Centre

Stony Plain Dental Centre

Stony Plain Dental Centre

Stony Plain Dental Centre

Stony Plain Dental Centre

LAYOUT - Main Level


1. Entrance

2. Greeting Area

3. Reception

4. Waiting Area

5. Play Area

6. Waiting Area

7. Conslutation Room

8. Digital Imagaing

9-12. Operatories

13. Lab

14. Mechanical Room

15-21. Operatories

22. Sterilization Area

23-25. Washrooms 

26. Elevator



LAYOUT - Second Level


27. Reception

28. Waiting Area

29-34. Operatories

35. Sterilization Area

36. Washroom

37. Elevator

38-39. Locker Rooms

40. Administration Lounge

41. Gym

42. Staff Room

43. Meeting Room

44-46. Offices

Stoney Plain Dental Centre Main Level
Stoney Plain Dental Centre Second Level


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