5590 Preference ICC

The 5590 is a complete system that simplifies the maintenance and sterilization needs of your office. Its design is process based, promoting a consistent, accurate and intuitive sterilization process in four phases:

  1. Receiving and Cleaning
  2. Rinsing, Preparation and Packaging
  3. Sterilization
  4. Storage


  • Molded edge banding to seal and protect edges of doors & drawers
  • Hands free touch latches and knee or foot activated faucets
  • Solid surface countertop with back splash that can be easily cleaned
  • Foot activated upper storage doors
  • Presoak drawers with stainless steel transfer baskets and waterproof drawer inserts
  • Slide out counter tops for small equipment
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Unit is available in several lengths (8ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft) and can be customized to suit.

Options include foot activated built-in dryer, motion activated soap dispenser, glove and towel dispensers, task lighting, clock timer, extendable faucet, counter mounted HVE and knee activated waste containers.